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Hyatt Hotels has a loyalty program, the World of Hyatt, which is popular among points enthusiasts.

The World of Hyatt loyalty program allows guests to earn free nights by combining hotel stays with credit card points.

One of the significant benefits of World of Hyatt membership is that it allows members to transfer and share points with other World of Hyatt members.

Whether you are transferring to friends or family, transferring points to another member is a great way to help them get closer to achieving their bucket-list vacations.

This blog post will guide you through the hassle-free transfer of World of Hyatt points to another member.

The World of Hyatt

Hyatt is arguably the most generous hotel brand regarding the number of points required for its properties on award reservations.

Top-tier hotels, such as Ventana Big Sur or Alila Napa, typically cost at least $1500 each night.

However, they can all be easily booked by spending 40,000 World of Hyatt points and $0 per night.

Guide On How To Transfer Hyatt Points to a Friend, Spouse, or Another Member
The Room Rates At Ventana Big Sur

Whereas other hotels such as Hilton and Marriott charge over 70,000 for hotels in the same categories, Hyatt’s award chart remains relatively attainable to most travel points enthusiasts.

And that is the primary reason why Hyatt is compatible with a frugal tourist like myself.

For the most part, I am guaranteed to get the best bang for my buck when I redeem Hyatt points when booking hotels.

Yet periodically, you inevitably find yourself short on points at the exact moment a bucket-list property suddenly becomes available. 

Thankfully, there are a few options on how you can top off your Hyatt account. 

And one of those options is to transfer World of Hyatt points to another member.

Can I Transfer Hyatt Points to Someone Else?

Are you planning to surprise your loved ones with a luxurious vacation, or do you want to share the benefits of your World of Hyatt points with them?

If so, you need to be familiar with the steps on how to transfer your World of Hyatt points to another member.

The process is easy, and in the following section, we will guide you on the simple steps so you can learn how to do it too.

It is Free to Transfer Hyatt Points

Undoubtedly, saving up for any bucket list hotel redemption is extremely difficult as some aspirational properties require an enormous amount of points.

Thankfully, World of Hyatt’s generosity does not end with its lucrative award chart.

The program also allows free transfer of points between members.

Hence, even the most unattainable luxurious properties suddenly become realistically “bookable” if more than one individual diligently accrues World of Hyatt points.

Whether you need extra points to book several rooms or extend your trip from a couple of days to a week, combining Hyatt points with another person can make that goal much easier to reach.

Two World of Hyatt members are eligible to combine points to redeem an award. … Member may combine the necessary number of points from their World of Hyatt account with those in one other specifically designated World of Hyatt account in order to have a sufficient number of points to redeem a particular award.

World of Hyatt

Read This Before You Transfer Your Hyatt Points

Before we discuss the steps involved in transferring Hyatt points to another individual, I want you to know a few important details.

  1. You can only transfer (give/receive) Hyatt points once every 30 days.
  2. There is paperwork to be printed, filled out, signed, and scanned.
  3. Hyatt allows the transferring of points if the purpose is to help another member book an award.
  4. Both Hyatt accounts need to be active and in good standing. 

Now that we have addressed those, the next step is to find someone who can loan you those points.

As soon as another member is willing to lend you their World of Hyatt points, it’s time to jumpstart the transfer process.

Hyatt in Budapest, Hungary (Parisi Udvar)

Steps On Transfering Hyatt Points to Another Member

Step 1: Download the Hyatt Point Combining Request Form

Download the Hyatt Points Combining PDF Form by clicking the button below.

The form requires a printed copy, as signatures from both the borrower and the lender are needed.

If you do not have a printer, you can email this form to yourself and print it out at an office supply store.

Just make sure you use a credit card that earns bonuses at Office Supply Stores.

Step 2: Fill Out the Required Information

Fill out the top half of the form by filling out the essential information for both members performing the transfer.

You would need the following information:

  • Names of Both Members
  • World of Hyatt Membership Numbers
  • Phone Numbers
  • Mailing Addresses
  • Email Addresses

Step 3: Sign the Hyatt Point Combining Request Form

The bottom half of the form will specifically designate who will be the “giver” and the “recipient” of those points.

As mentioned previously, both members need to sign the form.

If the member transferring points is from out of state or country, you can scan the form and email it to them.

Request a signed copy, print it, and follow the next steps.

Step 4: Verify the Information on the Hyatt Point Combining Request Form

Double-check the information to make sure that what you have written is accurate.

Then, the next step lists the two recommended ways how to send the form to Hyatt.

Step 5: Send the Point Combining Request Form to Hyatt

Although Hyatt states it might take about 2-4 weeks to complete the transfer process, I have personal data points (DP) indicating that the transfer can be completed much faster than two weeks.

It is a highly YMMV (Your Miles May Vary) scenario.

Option A: Email

Primary Email:

Alternative Emails:

Option B: Snail Mail

By mail:  World of Hyatt Customer Service

P.O. Box 27089

Omaha, Nebraska


It goes without saying that my preferred option would be email. 

Not only will you have documentation of your request, but it also entirely avoids the risk of the mail not arriving at its intended destination. Besides, it is also faster.

Let your recipient know to monitor their Hyatt accounts regularly so they can book their desired properties as soon as the points appear.

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Peak and Off-Peak Award Chart

Hyatt has switched to a different award chart reflecting off-peak and peak pricing for nights booked starting March 2022.

Higher-category hotels now cost about 5,000 Hyatt points more during peak times.

For example, Category 8 properties like the Park Hyatt New York City now cost 45,000 during the high season instead of 40,000 Hyatt points.

Conversely, Category 1 Hyatt properties only require 3,500 points during the low season instead of 5,000.

Hyatt also recently changed the categories of about 140 of their hotels.

Effective March 26, 2024, more Hyatt properties will be devalued, now costing more points.

Sadly, several of Hyatt’s most desirable brands will now require a significant amount of points compared to before.

The buttons below will link to Hyatt’s hotel locator, which indicates each property’s respective category and Hyatt’s current award charts.

CategoryOff-PeakStandardPeak Nights
Source: The World of Hyatt

Frequently Asked Questions

When Is It A Good Idea to Transfer Hyatt Points To Another Member?

1. When a friend or a family member needs extra Hyatt points to top off their accounts for a specific redemption

Occasionally, we or our loved ones find ourselves short on points at the exact moment that we need to stay at a Hyatt property. 

Whether it is a bucket-list property you have wanted to book for years or an expensive airport hotel that we need to book for an overnight layover urgently, those Hyatt points can be incredibly valuable. 

Periodically, however, our points may not be sufficient to complete a reservation. This is when transferring Hyatt points between members can undoubtedly come in handy.

2. When you do not want to fork out the cash

There are moments when you don’t want to shell out money to pay for lodging. 

If you have family members who do not mind (temporarily) parting ways with their Hyatt points, transferring points from their accounts to yours can be a worthwhile alternative.

In my Ventana example above, there was no way that I would be willing to shell out almost 2,000 Euros for a hotel.

Yet with points, I will not hesitate at all, especially if the redemption rate has outsized value.

3. When you are splitting the room with a friend or a family member

Sharing a room with friends and relatives is one of my favorite frugal methods of saving money in hotels.

This transfer feature makes it practically effortless to pool World of Hyatt points with others.

Hyatt’s free transfer benefit doesn’t only encourage it, but there are no limits to the number of people you may send points to as long as you only do it once every 30 days.

There is also no cap on the number of points you can transfer.  

4. When you are traveling with someone who has elite status or a higher elite status

Because of the unique benefits associated with elite status, it is recommended that those with World of Hyatt elite status reserve the room from their account.

Doing so will unlock perks that will not only save money, but it is also guaranteed to make the stay more comfortable and memorable.

Depending on the traveler’s Hyatt loyalty status, these benefits include late check-out, welcome amenities, complimentary breakfast, and room upgrades. 

Junior Suite – Park Hyatt Vienna

What Are The Other Options to Top Off One’s Hyatt Account?

Option 1: Transfer from a Chase Premium Card

Since Hyatt is Chase’s transfer partner, you can transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to your Hyatt account.

Check out the related post below for instructions on transferring your Chase points to Hyatt.

how to transfer chase ultimate rewards to the world of hyatt

While this seems to be the easiest path, it is not always an available alternative.   

Chase only allows this ability to transfer to partners if you own one of the three Chase premium cards: Chase Sapphire Reserve®, Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, and Ink Business Preferred® Credit Card.

Even if these premium cards carry an annual fee, they ultimately pay for themselves as they come with numerous credits and perks, including the option to transfer to travel partners like Hyatt.

Therefore, if you do not hold any of the above premium cards and you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need to top off your Hyatt account, then you might have to explore other avenues.

Option 2: Apply for a Credit Card That Earns Chase Ultimate Rewards Points

Before You Apply

  1. Make sure you have a robust credit score/history before applying.
  2. You have a sinking fund that you can easily deploy to pay the entire credit card bill on or before the due date.
  3. Each card has a minimum spending requirement that you need to meet to earn the welcome sign-up bonus, so ensure that you can meet the minimum spending requirement before applying.
  4. You should be aware that my recommended credit cards have reasonable annual fees.

Credit Cards that Earn World of Hyatt Points

Credit CardsDetails
Credit Cards that earn Ultimate Rewards (UR) Points1 Chase UR : 1 Hyatt Point
Chase Sapphire Preferred® CardWelcome Offer
Chase Sapphire Reserve®Welcome Offer
Ink Business Preferred® Credit CardWelcome Offer
Credit Cards that earn World of Hyatt Points
The World of Hyatt Credit CardWelcome Offer
World of Hyatt Business Credit CardWelcome Offer
Credit Cards that can convert into Chase
Ultimate Rewards (UR) Points*
Steps to Convert
Chase Freedom Flex℠Welcome Offer
Chase Freedom Unlimited®Welcome Offer
Ink Business Cash® Credit CardWelcome Offer
Ink Business Unlimited® Credit CardWelcome Offer

Option 4: Purchase Points

I do not recommend purchasing points unless you have no other recourse, as the cost of purchased points can be prohibitive.

However, once in a while, Hyatt puts their points on sale.

If you find yourself in a spot where you desperately need Hyatt points and there is an ongoing sale happening concurrently, then, by all means, consider capitalizing on this opportunity to acquire points when they are discounted.

If you are not in a time crunch, the fastest way to generate an enormous amount of Hyatt points is to apply for two types of Chase credit cards.

What are Other Ways to Transfer to Hyatt If You Do Not Own a Chase Premium Card?

Path 1: Upgrade / Product Change to a Chase Premium Card

If you have owned a no-annual-fee Chase card for over 12 months, then you might consider upgrading to any of Chase’s premium cards to gain access to Chase’s travel partners.

Hence, if you have a no-annual-fee personal credit card like any of the Chase Freedoms, you can upgrade those to either the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Sapphire Reserve if you have held the Freedom card for at least a year.

Similarly, if you have a no-annual-fee Chase Business Card for over 12 months, you can potentially upgrade them to the Chase Business Ink Preferred to utilize this transfer feature.

As a reminder, upgrading to a premium card involves paying an annual fee.

I think it is worth paying, particularly if you find this ability to transfer to travel partners like the World of Hyatt program extremely valuable.

Chase Premium CardAnnual Fee
Chase Sapphire Preferred$95
Chase Business Ink Preferred$95
Chase Sapphire Reserve$550

Path 2: Transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Between Accounts

Another option is to transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to a spouse or a family member who owns any of the above Chase premium cards so they can transfer points to their Hyatt accounts.

Just ensure these family members live under the same address, as Chase will not allow transfers between individuals living in different residences.

Additionally, you will have to call Chase to move points between accounts. They can book their dream vacations once the points are in their Hyatt accounts.

Convert Cash back points to Chase travel points

What is the Maximum Amount of Hyatt Points that Can be Transferred Every Year?

As of this writing, the number of Hyatt points that can be transferred in and out of a Hyatt member’s account is unlimited.

Do the Transferred Hyatt Points Expire?

Even though Hyatt states that the transferred points need to be utilized for an award booking, there is no time restriction on when the recipient can redeem the Hyatt points.

Therefore, as of this writing, transferred points do not expire.

Final Thoughts

Hyatt’s award chart is exceptionally rewarding, as they charge substantially fewer points overall than other hotel brands.

Even though Hyatt does not have as extensive a footprint as some of its competitors, I sometimes find myself going to great lengths to visit places with Hyatts to take advantage of their generous awards and thus save up on accommodations.

I hope this post has given you additional options for topping off your Hyatt accounts when you start to see your stash dwindle.

Whether our points are obtained organically or loaned/given to us by another member, I hope that our Hyatt stays will be filled with unforgettable memories that we will remember for years to come.

Thank you, Hyatt and Chase!

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